Announcing the Grade 7 Advertising Campaign winners!

Al Hoda International School is delighted to announce the winners for its Grade 7 Advertisement Campaign held this semester:

You can watch all the video advertisements by clicking on this link.

Also see the album of their written adverts here

Best Written Advert


7B Magnifique

7C Mood Fuse, High Relaxation


Best TV Commercial

7A Power Up, Fabloon

7B Hyper Sticky Boost

7C Anti Gravity High Relaxation


Best Presentation

7A ACR Fabloon

7B Adikas

7C High Relaxation


Best Slogan and Name

7A Tech Wiz

7B Pearl in a Shell

7C Informal


Overall Grade 7

Best Written Advert: ACR  High Relaxation

Best TV commercial: Hyper Sticky Boost, Fabloon

Best Presentation: High Relaxation