End of Year Performance 2017/2018

“Unique & Special”

The Graduation Ceremony of Alhoda International Foundation stage, was an unforgettable occasion.
Thanks must go to teachers for having given their children continuous support to develop a positive view of themselves, to feel good about themselves, and learn to respect others who are different.

Photos of the performance here

“A Book is a Universe”

The CP end of year performance was a day full of happiness and Joy celebrating the many successes which the children and the school have achieved this year.
The journey with the students has been very exciting and our staff has put their best efforts to find out hidden potentials of each and every student.

Congratulations to all our wonderful Grade 6 students in achieving a great milestone of completing Years one to six primary education.

Photos of Years 1,2 & 3 performance here

Photos of Years 4,5 & 6 performance here

We are proud of each and every student who progressed so much, both educationally and socially.
An appreciation goes to our team of educators who are all incredibly dedicated and hardworking to help them reach their best potentials.