How to find out what your child is listening to

An article by AlHoda Intl. School Computer department

Whether we like it or not, our children have access to uncontrolled Internet content at any time of the day.

Listening to music seems to be a big favourite of children in their teens and with that comes the inconvenience of having them subject to the hypnotic emotional manipulation that comes with the tunes and words of their favourite artists.

Most English song lyrics nowadays are morally corrupt and offensive, which have a very big negative impact on the children. Not to mention the inappropriate movie clips that accompany the music.

In an effort to merely try and decrease this impact, parents are urged to be aware of the songs, artists and lyrics their children like to listen to. This can be done using an app called Shazam.

Once you download and install Shazam on your mobile phone, you can tap it to recognise any song, and display the title, artist, video and most importantly the lyrics of the song.

Note that Shazam also recognises Quraan verses and displays the details of the Surah being recited.


This is an Internet article titled: The impact of song lyrics on our children – What you need to know that unveils some of the dangers that lurk through the music our children listen to.