Iftar Al-Khair

Ramadan is the month of blessings and charity that spreads the spirit of love, cooperation and social solidarity. Tuesday 21/5 was the day for a blessed event where the IG section in Alhoda International Schools hosted “Iftar Al-Khair” for a group of Orphans invited from Governmental schools. Grade 8 students were up to the responsibility; they had been planning for the event for the past 2 months. “Bake sale” was arranged for fund raising purposes. Crafts and activities workshops were brain stormed and agreed upon, in preparation for the big day.

G8 students and a group of Al-Hoda Azhar girls with the help of the P.E team engaged our guests in different activities before and After “Iftar”. They were eager to serve our guests during “Iftar” and arranged giveaways and presents, to make it a remarkable event that brings joy and happiness to their hearts.

Iftar Al-Khair Photos here