Living Values: Cooperation


Throughout the past weeks, our students in grades CP4 to G7 have been learning and practicing the value of Cooperation

They learned that cooperation is where we work together to achieve  a common goal on condition that this goal is for the welfare and benefit for everyone.

They also learned that cooperation means to share, to compromise, to take turn, to do my part and show appreciation to others.

The students ended these lessons by planning a team work project that they implemented with their younger colleagues at school. The projects were a good opportunity for students to learn how to work together, reinforce the social skills that create harmony and cohesion in working together.

The Ideas of the projects were about raising awareness about keeping your body healthy, exploring values and morals, reading and providing community services.

We were all very proud of our students and hope they blossom while they develop more personal and social values.

You can see some of their photos here