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School Life

Student Council

The main objective of this activity is to develop the students’ communication skills and seek their contributions and opinions in school events. Any student starting Grade 4 can join the student council. Members are elected by their classmates so that each class has a representative in the school council to present their requests. Through this council, students learn how to express concerns and think of solutions as well as develop their leadership skills.


The Quran competition is a major event at AlHoda schools. It is supervised by the Azhar section and top students are granted tuition scholarships for the following academic year.
The Azhar primary section organizes a yearly ** competition where students are asked to create ** based on a specific theme.
The Sports Dept. also organizes inter-school competitions in soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, wave skating and remotely controlled car racing, as well as internal and external camps.


  • Awards are given for recognition of the following:
  • Attitude & Good Behavior
  • Extra Effort
  • Advanced Progress
  • Outstanding Achievement
  • Exceptional knowledge of Quran


Each class will go on field trips according to the school calendar. Teachers will attend the field trip with their class. Field trips are educational in nature.


Parties are a time for celebration of special events. Only Classroom teachers can organize parties for special events. Parties are made meaningful; the lesson for the day usually ties into the celebration.

The school celebrates the following events:

  • Al Mawled Annabawi (Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday, peace be upon him)
  • Ramadan, Eidul Fitr and Eid ul Adha
  • International day
  • FS2, Year 6 and Year 12 graduation
  • End of year performance
  • 6th of October victory
  • Science fair
  • Other worldwide and local events such as, earthday, children’s day, the international day of peace