Alhoda’s First Film Festival

AlHoda Intl. Schools hosted its first Film festival in the students assembly held at the Nile University theater.

All movies where written, directed and acted by our grades 6,7 and 8 students.

We would like to share with you the outstanding work created by our students.


A Bottle Story: by Grade 6 – Best Video Editing, 1st Place

Be Kind: by Grade 8 – Best Camera man (Amgad Shehab), 1st place

I survived it: by Grade 7 – Best camera man (Logain Samy), 2nd place

Saving Energy: Grade 8 – Best Video Editing, 2nd place

The Final Change: by Grade 7 – Best Actor (Hassan Barakat), 1st place, and Best Script, 1st place

Time Management: by Grade 8 – Best Film, 1st place

Appearances: by Grade 7 – Best Film, and Best Actor (Yasmin Mostafa), 2nd place

Vanity: by Grade 7 – Best Script, 2nd place