Changes in F-CP2 class websites


Parents of Foundation to CP2 grades have been communicating with us via our class websites that were launched two years ago.

Although they have been satisfied with all the features we’ve provided on our sites, we wanted more. This year we are upgrading our communication channels for these grade levels to our Learning Management System (LMS): Schoology.

We’ve already been using Schoology with Grades 3 and up for three years now, and decided that it will also serve the lower years better.

Even though you might find the new interface not as colourful as the old one, the lack in colours is certainly made up for by the great new features you’ll be getting.


This is a small list of the most important features of the new system

1- Push notifications through a free mobile app, keeping you from missing out on any news

2- Constant reminders of important updates

3- You no more need to log on to your email every time you open the photo albums, just do it one time when you install the app

Be sure to attend the upcoming orientation (Wed, 12/09/2018), to find out more about the new system.