Professional Development Progresses Vigorously this Summer

Al Hoda staff ended their summer holiday by conducting & attending a number of professional development workshops to enhance their skills & enrich their knowledge.

The workshops had different flavours as some were related to learning theories, teaching strategies, expanding the use of technology. Others were related to subject content as well as seminars to deepen our knowledge about our prophet may peace be upon him.

Although our workshops had different flavours, but they serve our vision statement “to provide a distinguished & advanced educational service while maintaining a moderate Islamic identity advocating no extremes & foresting citizenship“.

Al Hoda Schools would like to thank all consultants who took part in these workshops & all Al Hoda staff for participation & eagerness to implement what they have learnt, we would like to take opportunity to wish all a happy & fruitful Academic Year 2018/2019

This is a brief video featuring the event