Speaking Summer Course

A new summer course is at your fingertips (for Grade three to Grade 8 (2019-2020) students).

Summer speaking course will extend it to ensure students’ continuous improvements. We emphasize “practice makes perfect”

Course details:

  • The online class contains maximum 5-7 students to make sure that everyone participates fairly.
  • Classes are distributed according to fluency and not grade level to have all students talk freely without any pressure.
  • Curriculum is based on Movies so children learn and have fun at the same time.
  • Pronunciation and accent are included to speak more confidently.
  • The course is 12 levels, placement tests are not required for AlHoda International students as their levels are well known.
  • Level duration is 3 weeks, class duration is 1 hour and a half, twice a week starting on Wednesday 15/7 on Zoom.
  • Course fees are 750 L.E for AlHoda School students and 1000 LE for outsiders paid at the school premises.
  • Speaking Course is opened to external students, placement tests are free.

For registration, click the following link, https://forms.gle/CCqVAVoBE6vAxKFM9

 deadline for registration is Monday 13/7