Upcoming orientations for our LMS: Schoology

Welcome to a new exciting year at Al-Hoda International School …

You must have heard by now that we are holding very important orientation sessions to what we call: “Schoology”. So what exactly is Schoology? ..

Schoology is a LMS which is short for Learning Management System, and is basically a computer based system that enriches and facilitates the learning process as well as connects teachers, students and parents together. There are many LMSs out there and the one we chose to use at Al-Hoda is “Schoology”.

Schoology will be the official communication channel between the school and parents, and therefore it is a must that you have your parent’s account set up on your mobile phone. Paper notes will not be sent home unless a signature is required from a child’s parent.

In case you missed the session, or will not be able to come, please visit this link. Read carefully and watch the videos that will guide you in using Schoology.

Please note that student courses will not be active before then end of the first school week, and therefore we will not be creating any new parent accounts until then.