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School Facilites

Buildings and Classrooms

AlHoda Schools is built on approximately 14000 m2 to accommodate 700 students from the age of 3 to 18. The school is surrounded by a calm residential area, and is composed of 2 buildings, each composed of 4 storeys.



Our libraries have a bright and pleasant atmosphere and are stacked with the latest collections of academic resources and books to assist both students and teachers. Libraries are also equipped with state of the art computers for online research.

Computer Lab

The school contains 2 large computer labs each equipped with 30 PCs, a printer and a smartboard. The junior building lab contains a 3D printing machine.

Science Labs

The school contains 3 science labs including a preparation room. One in the junior building and two in the senior building.

Art Studios, Music room, Activity rooms and Plant nursery

The school contains a music room, 2 art rooms, two activity rooms, and a plant nursery catering for a very wide variety of activities carried out as part of the daily lessons throughout the year.

Cafeteria area

The school cafeteria offers homemade pizza, burgers and cheese sandwiches, as well as hot and cold beverages throughout the school year.


The school clinic is fully equipped with the necessary first aid and emergency medication. The school doctor and nurse are available in the clinic for the entire school day and throughout the school year.

Gym halls and closed play areas

The school has a spacious fully equipped and air conditioned gymnastics hall where girls may enjoy aerobics and other physical activities in a private atmosphere as well as a play area for the younger children.