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School Life

Character education

Social and emotional development is a core focus at Alhoda International School. In our CE lessons in our Precious Stones department (F1 to Y2) we focus on three core areas; myself, the other and spirituality.

Students are able to understand more about themselves, how to deal with others and start their spiritual journey with knowing more about Allah Almighty.

We work on creating an environment for students where they are able to share their thoughts and emotions freely and reflect deeply on themselves and their actions.

This is done through introducing six of the Thinking Environment components (Attention, Ease, Equality, difference, Appreciation and Feelings).

Extracurricular activities

Extra-curricular activities give children the opportunity to explore different areas of interest, increase self-confidence, build leadership skills and even improve grades – all while having fun.

Our children enjoy a myriad of different activities suitable for each age group ranging between sport skills, cooking skills, art skills, handcraft skills, woodwork, needle skills, and gardening skills.

Afterschool activities

After school activities are optional and take place every Thursday starting at 1:30 for years 3-9

Class meetings

One of our main goals in the school is to urge the students to express themselves and gain problem-solving skills. Class meetings were a great opportunity to discuss a variety of student related topics.

As the first thinking environment school in Egypt, we reinforce applying the thinking environment components and building blocks. Each student is encouraged to participate and have his voice heard in an environment full of equality, ease, attention and appreciation.

House system

Our House system is designed with the main aim of developing a group identity, sense of belonging and ownership for everyone involved.

All students and teaching staff are allocated to one of four school houses and, once allocated, will stay in that house throughout their time at school. The house system is considered a vehicle for school competition, and to develop a vertical integration of students, giving them motivation to strive to be better and help one another.


  • International day
  • Sports day
  • Math week
  • Readathon
  • FS2, Year 6 and Year 12 graduation
  • End of year performance
  • 6th of October victory
  • Science fair
  • Al Mawled Annabawi (Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday, peace be upon him)
  • Ramadan, Eidul Fitr and Eid ul Adha