Back to School 2018/19!

Al-Hoda International school hopes this first post of the 2018/2019 school year finds you well and anxiously awaiting the start of what will be a great school year. The summer has gone by very fast for us, and definitely has for you as well.


Our 2018/19 Academic year starts as follows for our students:

Senior school dates

Tuesday 4/9: Grade 11&12 back to school

Wedesday 5/9: Grades 9&10 back to school

Thursday 6/9: grade 8 back to school

Junior School dates

Wednesday 12/9: Grades 6&7 back to school

Sunday 16/9: Grades 4&5 back to school

Monday 17/9: Grades 2&3 back to school

Tuesday 18/9: F2&CP1 back to school

Wednesday 19/9: F1 back to school


Please note that school dismissal will be at 1:00 for all students throughout the month of September